The One About the First Holy Communion That Mattered

It was around this time last year when my daughter had her first holy communion. It was a day she was really looking forward to and losing sleep over. More than being able to wear a really stunning communion dress, she was so excited to receive Christ’s body and blood for the first time. She knew that it marked a significant milestone in her life as a Catholic.


And then it had me reminiscing about my own holy communion ages ago.

Two days before my first holy communion, i had a bit of a freak accident involving my left eyebrow, a rock and an open car window. From out of nowhere, a rock came flying towards me through the car window, hitting me on my eyebrow. Blood gushed like Niagara Falls, and I was rushed to the nearest hospital. My mom prayed to all the saints she knew as the doctor stitched my eyebrow.

Because of what happened, my upcoming communion turned out to be more meaningful to me. I felt thankful and blessed to have been spared a worse kind of fate. At the age of 8, I prayed to God like I never did before. What I felt in my heart was a real personal communion with Jesus. Knowing that I was going to receive his body and blood filled me with unspeakable bliss.

The lessons and tenets we learn about the church are meaningless until they leave an impact in our lives. Only then can we say that we are truly living the life of a Christian.

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