The Perfect Smile For Summer


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dealing with problems with teeth and providing even rudimentary replacements has fascinated man since time immemorial. Wooden teeth are – though a thing of the past – a fact most of us with less than perfect teeth are quite thankful for. In fact, the advances in the skills and abilities of the dental surgeon in recent years, in both repair and cosmetics are nothing short of staggering. Gone are the days of the dirty grey amalgam filling, with their newer counterparts being as unspottable as the new technology in teeth alignment, more commonly known as braces, a word dreaded by every child able to hear.

Dental Implants

Once upon a time when we lost a tooth, things looked pretty bad, though this is of course no longer the case, as dental implants have proven themselves to be as good, or better than the real thing in every measurable aspect of performance. They look real, they feel absolutely natural, they work perfectly and they are also unlikely to give you any problems again, in the duration of your lifetime. Perfectly aligned with your existing teeth, and matched absolutely for precise colour match, the right cosmetic dentist’s skills can complete your smile.

Invisible Treatment

It is no longer glaringly obvious if you have had fillings in your teeth, as the material used will have been mixed to blend right in with everything around it, and to the joy of kids around the world, essentially invisible braces for correcting tooth alignment has gone the same way. Able to be simply removed for the purposes of eating, they perform the same function as braces, with none of the social stigma. If you are looking for an Invisalign provider in North Shore area you will not be disappointed.

Summer Is Coming


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Unlike Game of Thrones, where things are looking decidedly frosty right now, here at home things are warming up, and parties and social occasions are looming, so now is the perfect time to get the smile in place. It is a good time to buy new toothbrushes and to pick up some travel ones too, as you are bound to be a few days away from home over the holidays. With everything else going on, dental health for summer can easily be forgotten.

Get A Check Up


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Summer means a break from routine and possible holidays. Getting a toothache a long way from home is always a challenge to deal with, so scheduling a check-up at your local dentist before summer starts is a good idea. You can pick up any problems that might be looming, knowing trips away will be unlikely to involve dental emergencies.

Pay Attention To Diet

The chances are pretty high that you are going to find yourself attending a party or two and probably a barbecue also. Barbecue sauce might taste great, but is very high in sugar, and also stains teeth, so packing a travel toothbrush for a quick brush after eating is advisable. The kids are probably going to be having fun with their friends at this time of year, with ice creams and sugary soda often lurking at such events, so be sure to send them straight to the bathroom for a good clean as soon as they get back.

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