The three P’s of a lunar eclipse

What is it with me and astronomic phenomena? Ever since I can remember, I keep missing these close encounters of the lunar kind.  I didn’t get to catch the lunar eclipse the other night.  Now, I have to be content with viewing other people’s pictures of this magnificent wonder.  Nonetheless, I am still left with my mouth gaping in awe at this beautiful sight.  The next time you are fortunate enough to witness a lunar eclipse, here are some P’s to remember, to get the most enjoyment out of your lunar experience:

Picnic–  Being in the company of friends, family, or your special someone under the stars spells “fun” in anyone’s dictionary.  A lunar eclipse, or meteor shower, as the case may be, would provide the perfect backdrop for a night together with the people dearest to you.  Bring out the picnic blanket, throw in a few munchies and drinks, and you’re all set for a fun night outdoors.

Propose–  What could be more romantic than proposing marriage to the love of your life under a beautiful lunar eclipse?  Both of you are sure to remember this day for the rest of your lives. It makes for a good story to tell your grandchildren too.

Pepper–  No, I’m not talking about a condiment here, nor am I being overly narcissistic, because that’s way out of my league.  Ok, in effect, I am talking about myself here, because I want to stress the need for quiet “me” time.  Whatever you do for a living, whether you slave off for hours in the office, or you are a busy homemaker 24/7, you deserve and badly need time to just be still and relax.  A lunar eclipse is a good opportunity for you to just sit under the blanket of stars, and ponder on the greatness of God.  Even for a few minutes, you can simply sit back, enjoy the view, and clear your mind of all your worries.


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  1. Very well said…

    Ako din i missed that supposed once in 500 years moment..hahay…. me tv naman kung bakit ang tamad manood ng balita..waahh, kainis!
    Yep, hanggang ngayon, inis pa rin ako sa sarili ko… gising na gising kaya ako until 4am that time at wala man lang akong ka kamalay-malay nag-aantay na pala si moon sa labas..errrr!!!

    Commenting nga pala from my other new blog sis. I just followed you here now too. Thanks for following :)

  2. Mommy Jes says

    Bago b ang site mo sis or nde ko lng napansin ang cute n header? Aw! nweis tahnks for visiting!

    Nice naman ang moment mo with the eclipse ehhehe :)

    cicked the plus 1 sign anu un? :D

  3. nice post! :D

    by the way, Jason and I met during high school days! :) we were classmates and we often see each other a lot because our houses are quite near to each other :) he is one of my close friends from high school :)

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