Things to Expect During Family Counseling

For individuals, couples, or families that are experiencing depression, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, problems with their marriage, problems with children, anxiety, disabilities, and other issues, Family Matters Counseling is the type of place you can go for help. Professionals who deal with these issues have completed master’s degrees with another couple of years of clinical experience in which they are supervised. Experience has proven that treating the whole family is the best route to take when someone in the family needs help, because everyone in the family is affected by the one who needs help.

Typical Session

A typical session of family therapy lasts about an hour and all the members of the family will be present with the therapist. Most often, the sessions take place around a table where everyone feels safe and is as comfortable as possible.  Separate from the family therapy sessions, the therapist can meet individually with each member of the family as needed. The therapist will lead discussions to identify the issues that are contributing to the problems within the family. They will also help the family work through issues as they come up. There will be times to talk about weaknesses but the therapist will also be able to help the family identify their strengths and build on those.

Learning New Ways

The therapists at places like Family Matters Counseling will guide the family members in learning new ways to interact with each other, to be able to express their feelings in productive ways, and to leave unhealthy patterns behind by replacing them with new, healthy patterns. Through the course of the therapy sessions, the therapist will be able to determine what will help move the family toward harmony, and they will require some things of the parents and of the children. These assignments can involve changing the way they parent or laying down rules of how the family will interact with each other, and the family will have to report back on how things are going on a regular basis.


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  1. I think this is good to post about, Pepper. I think it would be so hard to know how to choose the right counselor. And hard to change if you had one that didn’t feel right.

  2. Scott Martin says

    Some therapeutic approaches do directly address families of origin. Cognitive behavioral therapy mainly examines current beliefs and thoughts. They may originate in our family experience, but CBT focuses on the present tense and does not generally look at the past. Solution focused therapists also tend not to explore family of origin issues. On the other hand, analysis, psychodrama , and psychodynamic therapy place a great deal of importance on past family experiences.

  3. Family counseling and emotional therapy really helps so much especially to those people who have a hard time in coping things in life. We can’t deny the fact that every person has the possibility to experience this kind of situation. Thanks to those experts who really take time to mend people’s emotions and help others overcome the odds.

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