Things You Cannot Afford to Miss When Going On a Date!

Are you going on a date? You must be excited and nervous at the same time. I am not talking here of the experienced ones; all first timers feel nervous. Then there are few who feel nervous every time they go out on date. When going on a date you would definitely want to look your best- doing which is not the simplest of tasks. There are clothes to choose, the nail paint, foot wear, hair style and many more including the bustier. Here is a list of a few things you cannot afford to miss while going for a date.

Perfume and the right way of applying it: You would not want your date to turn face as you get close. Some people do apply fragrance but they’re not always the one best suited for a date. Did you know that fragrance can help in getting the desired action from the other person? It does! Remember the movie ‘the perfume’ in which the hero can mesmerize a crowd of people just by a drop of perfume. You also can use the right fragrance to burn the fire between you and your date. Apply it on the inner sides of your ankles, behind your ears, wrists and neck. The blood flow will create impulses of fragrance and you will see your date drooling over you.

Your dress: There is no hard and fast rule for what you should wear on a date. Wear anything that you feel confident in. However you can choose the colors to best suit your personality and mood. Black can help you look slimmer than you are. Red is always considered the color of love and romance. Whatever you wear, feel confident and comfortable in it. There is no point in wearing pencil heels when you cannot carry them properly. If you want to invite your date to get your relationship to the next level than you say it by wearing sensuous clothes.

The right lingerie: This might appear absurd but your lingerie determines the moments that you spend together. A good choice can build your reputation and elevate the mood of your date. On the other hand, a poor choice can leave him thinking negative about you. These are little things but they do matter a lot. Branded inner wear like those from sexy babydoll can help you in getting the desired attention and appreciation.
Happy dating!

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  1. Hmmm nice tips. I’ll need to pocket them for my next tete a tete, which will hopefully be this weekend :-)

  2. this is a fun read. the right lingerie might apply not perhaps on a first date but on numerous occasion that you went out with the same person. i don’t expect heated romance to ignite on a first date, well not practically. (i preferably want it after marriage but that’s just me).

    for the guys, good grooming is always a key factor. and it can be as basic as clean fingernails, clean shoes, greaseless skin surface etc. and if it’s a black tie affair, make sure that a pair of cufflink matches to that of your tux. no coins inside the pockets of your trousers. perfume will add up the mood, but not to the point that it will suffocate your date. take note, men’s perfume tend to smell stronger and powerful than women’s.

    • Right, men’s perfume tends to be over the top. Great tip about not keeping coins inside pockets. You should write a post on this- if you haven’t already :)

  3. Correct! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. And of course, it also has to be appropriate. :)

  4. I think it may well be a long time before I start dating again but good tips to keep in mind for when I do!

  5. Just read the tips and while l aint single l probably won’t be needing the tips (well atleast l hope not)……lol.. besides as a “bloke” l aint so sure l will look very good in lingerie.

    I must add… after reading the post l do feel for you wonderful women… you poor creatures… the trouble you must go to for a date.. nails…. hair.. makeup.. dress… lingerie and the list goes on….. As for me l can be scrubbed up and ready for a date within a few minutes… Just run the hands through the hair, spray on a bit of joop or cool water and slip on a shirt and pants and l am ready to rock !!

    • Now, I can’t help but have images of a famous scene from There’s Something About Mary… You know what I’m talking about.. that of Cameron Diaz running “gooey stuff” through her hair as she was preparing for a date :)

  6. I hated dating. I hated the awkwardness and the feigning of small talk, lalo na if you don’t really like the person. =(

  7. Lingerie? Sabagay, the right one makes you feel sexy.

    I go for cologne though and slacks and white top. Classics. :) Dress pag seduce ko na hehe.

  8. I agree that you have to wear comfortable clothes when on a date. Not too sexy especially on your first date ; p


  9. I don’t have a regular date with my husband but I think I have to follow your tips to make our date unforgettable.

  10. In the first place if they know that they’re dating especially the ladies, they should be in their own. They should be in a real self. I know dating is the best opportune time to know a person’s lifetime partner. That’s the foremost reason should the youngsters do.

  11. I guess wear something that will leave a mark. First impression do last.

  12. Rovie @ Street Smart says

    The dress and perfume are the two most important things for me when going out on a date. Aside from the physical preparation, I also prepare emotionally when I go out on dates.

  13. These are very important tips for those who have the nervous experience of going on a date. A person who is jittery will try too hard to make a first impression and then the date becomes a disaster! I agree that using the right perfume can have a significant effect on your date.

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