Tips on Buying Footwear for Kids

Cinderella had her fate decided by a glass slipper.   Because the shoe fit, she got to marry the most sought-after prince during her time.  That type of happily ever after may never happen to any of us in this day and age, but we should still put a lot of thought into picking out the proper footwear- especially for our kids.

Buying shoes for kids- whether it’s dressy flats or functional baby rainboots- is not as easy as buying a carton of milk from the grocery store.  There are some important factors to consider when choosing footwear for children.

Remember the rule of thumb.  Make sure that there is a thumb’s width- roughly half an inch- between the tip of her big toe and the shoe.

Have your toddler stand up.  It’s best to have her standing while being measured.  Watch out for those toes.  Be sure she doesn’t curl them, or that’ll mess up the numbers.

Wear those socks.  When your kid tries out shoes, have her wear the socks which she’ll wear with the shoes.  That’ll help you get the proper fit.

Get your kid to walk in the shoe.  Pay careful attention to the back, making sure that it doesn’t slip up and down, as it could cause painful blisters.

Your kid’s safety and comfort are more important than saving money, so don’t think about buying shoes one or two sizes larger, just so she could wear it for a longer time.  Big shoes are difficult to walk in and can cause accidents.

Choosing kids’ shoes is no walk in the park, but with the tips above to guide you, you shouldn’t break a sweat.

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  1. It’s so hard for me to feel my son’s toes when we’re trying on shoes. I tell him to wiggle his toe, but if the top of the shoe is too hard it doesn’t work, and he says all shoes fit him (whether they do or don’t). This is a good post, it really is important that the kiddos have the right fit for their shoes!

  2. sigrid @ lovinglymama says

    I’m afraid this doesn’t work on Dindin. Her shoes are so slim and long that it is hard to find the right-shaped shoes for her (at least what we can afford LOL). If we do find one that she can wear, I have to buy it with very little allowance because it will be sooo loose on her that even with straps, they would be left behind when she runs. LOL

  3. Good tips! I haven’t heard of the thumb rule yet. But it does make sense a. =)

    For adults, it’s also recommended to buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest (more or less). I guess this could also work for kids? =)

  4. Stacey Robles says

    no, my son is 8 months and learning to walk, bare feet is better, more natural and that’s how he will spend most of his days at home. Once they master bare feet walking then he can practice in shoes and the eventually winter boots.

  5. Lacey V. Case says

    When you set out to purchase new shoes, make sure that you are wearing the type of socks or hosiery that you will wear with the shoes that you purchase. This is important, because the socks or hosiery will change the way the shoe fits. For instance, wearing thick socks to try on shoes that you will wear with panty hose won’t work out very well – when you put the same shoes on with the hose, you will find that they are too big!

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