Tips on Choosing a Good School Bag

With school opening just around the corner, our kids are getting helplessly excited once more. You could feel excitement in the air as they make a roll call of old friends they look forward to seeing again on the first day of school.

As parents, the excitement does inevitable come with a bit of apprehension when it comes to expenses for school supplies. One back-to-school essential is, of course, the school bag. It’s something which we should choose carefully, because we do want something durable, comfortable for our kid to carry, and of course, reasonably-priced. Here are some tips to consider when buying a school bag for our kids:

Backpacks may be a good option, as the bag must always be carried on both shoulders. This helps protect the kid’s neck, back and spine from undue strain.

The school bag should be positioned with its bottom just at hip level and the top of the bag should be a little above the shoulders.

Weight distribution of the contents of the bag should also be considered. Heavy items should be positioned closest to the back and secured with the elastic straps.

One last note, parents should take note of the maximum load of their children’s school bags. It’s recommended that the weight of the full school bag should not be more than 15% of the child’s body weight.

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  1. my son is not excited to go back to school. but we already bought him a new bag… the one with rollers… he’s always playing with it… but he said that he’s not going to use it for school, he’ll use it for travelling. hehehe..

  2. my daughter loves her princess backpack a lot

  3. I beg to disagree about the comment you left at my page sis…you always write articles that are easily understandable and about various topics pa! Keep it up.

  4. I still have 1 more year or so before I can really start looking for a sturdy bag for my daughter. She’s still just 3 years old and it will depend on her developmental pediatrician’s assessment of her, whether or not she is ready for proper schooling.

    Right now she has cute little backpacks that she uses to carry her 2 mini Care Bears, biscuits and water. Anything else, her yaya keeps in a separate baby bag. :D

    Anyway, thanks for the tips. They are sure very helpful.

  5. It’s that time of year again! This year I found a coupon for backpacks at Target on I think it’s important to find something practical but also something your child wants to wear every day to get excited about school. Of course, it’s much easier to play this game while your child is still young :)

  6. It staggers me to see so many children going to school with loads of books and stuff in a bag that does not distribute the load to the correct place, hence the child will put strain on its spine, leading to possible permanent damage.

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    thanks for these nice tips


    yes this is very important for the safety of our students specially children

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    I mean the last tip.

    thank you

  9. Good tips. Thanks.

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