Tips on Choosing Raincoats for Kids

If Suri Cruise lived in the early 80’s, she’d probably be pulling her hair out in all directions.  The limited fashion options for kids back then would have left little Miss Cruise severely frustrated.  Back in the day, kids’ raincoats styles left much to be desired.  They all used to be just buttoned down yellow polyester coats.  It almost felt as if you were wearing a tent.

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Fast forward to today, these raincoats have gone through a major overhaul.  The fashionista in you will be pleased to find that your little girl now has more options for raincoats.  They now come in various designs, and often come with matching fur lined childrens gumboots.

More than trendiness though, there are some other important factors to look for when shopping for raincoats for your kids.

Comfort, of course, is a priority.  Look for breathable, waterproof childrens raincoats.  The raincoat should also be cut in a way that provides enough room for your kid to splash in the rain.

It would also be smart to look for a raincoat with reflective piping for increased visibility in the rain.  Raincoats with a polyester shell and cotton lining are heaven sent, as these are machine washable and the colors won’t fade.

“Tis the season of April showers, so those pieces of adorable childrens swimwear you’ve been eyeing will have to take a backseat for now.  Make playing in the rain a delightful experience for your little girl by getting her a raincoat which not only reflects her personal style, but also is functional and durable.

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  1. Another nice article. Definitely helpfull. Thanks a lot.

  2. Those are really cute…I will be looking for one next year for my little boy!

  3. I have always been drawn to raincoats. I think I’ve always liked the idea of a special coat that you only wear occasionally, so they can be a little different than the everyday one..maybe a little bolder or a different style than normal because they feel less committal. I especially like them on kids because there are so many adorable ones like these. Great share!

  4. Those are some AWESOME rain coats. Thanks for the useful tips.

  5. These are adorable rain coats!! So many options and none of them dull. :) My son would LOVE an awesome raincoat as would my nieces. Hawaii has no options for these!! Thanks for sharing this, I think I’ll be buying raincoats for the kids online!

  6. Love the first line of this post :)

  7. Yellow was so exciting to those of us raised in the 50s and 60s, when raincoats were black, black, black. Made of rubber and HOT. And I don’t mean the good ‘hot’. With matching black rubber boots. Unlined. (We won’t mention here that mine were usually covered in mud and manure . . . okay, maybe we will . . .) I love to see my grandkids in bright colours and matching, lined boots. They look so bright and happy. And visible! Thank you for this post!

  8. My rain coat was a disgrace to humankind for sure! But, my grandkids are right in style. I appreciate the bright and cherry colors! Excellent read!

  9. Great read. I remember fun raincoats in the 80’s too though!

  10. I had forgotten the tent coasts of yesteryear, but you’re so right!

  11. Kids these days are really so lucky. They have lots of choices for just about anything: clothes, shoes, toys, raincoats, etc, and this makes us moms happy, right (or confused)? Lol! I’ll make sure I’ll buy my little boy one of those colorful raincoats this coming June.

  12. Cute raincoats.

  13. Much cuter than the yellow ones! I never had a raincoat, and still don’t. When you live in the desert, and the rain comes down, you get out in it, and get wet;)

  14. Talking of limited options, we had to buy a rain coat for my son the other day, and after visiting three major shops we found exactly one rain coat his size. It’s good to see that others manage to find more options ;)

  15. Mommy With Selective Memory says

    I was amazed at what’s hard time I had finding raincoats this year!! Crazy!

  16. wow…the kids look fabulous…they sell those coats!!
    Mine was yellow!!

  17. I remember during my elementary days, i hate wearing raincoats, i may not be wet from the rain downpour but i am wet by sweat all over my body ahaha, the reason why i am very particular with buying the breathable raincoats for my children, and for me as well, i love to wear it now unlike before ahaha

  18. I still have one of those green wax rain coats! Maybe I should upgrade…
    Kids will moan at you for making them wear their rain coats, but always remember, they’ll moan at you more when they have a cold!


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