Tips on Choosing the Perfect Communion Dress

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One of the more important milestones in any Catholic girl’s life is her first holy communion. This event signifies her readiness to receive the body and blood of Christ. As with any significant occasion, this calls for a lot of preparation- both emotionally and physically.  To take the guesswork out of the physical part, here are some tips to help you when looking for communion dresses:

Simplicity is key.  Modesty is quite relative, so this is a tricky one.  What may be simple to one, may be extravagant to another.  To play it safe, do check with the church prior to looking for first communion dresses.  Ask them particularly about acceptable requirements for the length of the dress, sleeves, etc.

White is it.  Don’t even think of scouring through anything other than white communion dresses.  This is the color associated with purity and being immaculate, so it goes without saying that going with any other color is simply out of the question.

Length.  Anything below the knee is appropriate. Wearing a short dress seems as if you’re going to a party.

Keep within your budget.  Before making any purchases, do set a limit to how much you plan to spend.  The last thing you’d want is to be stressing about how much you’ve overspent on first holy communion dresses.

Once you’ve found the perfect communion dress, you can then concentrate on the other aspects of this momentous occasion.  Be dressed, and be blessed!

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