To DIY or Not to DIY – Should You Hire a Plumber?

Do-it-yourself projects can be all sorts of fun in addition to being a learning experience.  However, there are times when the objective of gaining direct-hand know how and saving on cost just does not compensate for the possibility of improperly fixing an appliance or causing even more issues to arise around your home.

Getting your hands dirty can be a good thing, but in certain scenarios it is much better to avoid frustration altogether and hire a professional.  When should you throw in the towel and call in an expert though?  Here are three considerations for you when it comes time to think about calling in a plumber for your home projects:

What is Your Proficiency at Plumbing?

You may feel that you are able to handle just about any plumbing problem, but it is prudent to take a step back and objectively think if you really are capable of fixing a plumbing issue with precision.  Let us reiterate that last part.  Although clearing simple blockages and tightening a leaky faucet might not lead to catastrophe; installing appliances and correcting pipe work if not done correctly could lead to serious damage to the interior of your home, especially over time.  We all know that do-it-yourself instructions can be found online for any task, but what is not mentioned frequently are all the tips and tricks professional plumbers have learned from their experience in the trade that could save you a whole lot of hassle and cents later.

Do you Have the Right Tools?

Repairing a plumbing problem in your home is the hardest and longest the first time you go through teaching yourself how to do it.  This is made even more so if you do not have the right plumbing tools.  Having the right tools for the type of job you want done should be a major deciding factor in whether you want to hire a professional or not.  Another point includes this – do you even know what tools you would need?  If you are in question about these things, perhaps doing it yourself might not be the right way to go, at least not this time.

Also, by the time you purchase the needed tools for the work, it may have been more cost and time effective to have simply called in an expert.

Can You Avoid Getting Hurt?

Medical bills are no joke in today’s economy.  This factor is even more compounded when an injury occurs that could have been definitively avoided.  As much as credence can be given to taking the risks of learning a new set of skills that could serve you for a lifetime, there is also wisdom in knowing when that risk might be too much.

Water leaks can cause considerable damage to floors and the structure of a house.  Depending on how capable you are at assessing the extent of the problem, you may find yourself unexpectedly falling through rickety wood or having electrical cords get much too close to conductive water.  If your home project calls for expertise that would be in line with home renovation, you may want to consider a professional before jumping into DIY.

Completing your own “do-it-yourself” project can have massive satisfaction for those who fancy being handy with tools.  However, if you have concerns or feel unconfident in what home plumbing project lies ahead, calling out a professional plumber can truly save in many ways.  For more information on plumbing for consumers and finding a professional, be sure to check out  There, you will find lots of tips, eco-friendly suggestions, and item reviews.

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