Top 10 signs you’re addicted to blogging

“Might as well face it, you’re addicted to blog…” that’s my modern take on a Robert Palmer classic. (Uh oh, I just gave away my age there!) Blogging has evolved from a mere online journal to a way of life for some. “Eat. Pray. Blog.” has become their mantra. Here are some tell-tale signs that you too have fallen prey to blogging addiction:

1. You wake up in the middle of the night and want to blog. When sudden bursts of inspiration hit you at 2am, you just get an intense craving to grab your computer and start typing away.
2. Anytime of the day, you want to blog.
3. You want to find out who started this whole blogging phenomenon, and want to blog about him or her.
4. You want to start Blogaholics Anonymous, and meet on a regular basis…well, just as long as those meetings don’t interfere with your blogging timetable.
5. While teaching your preschooler, you tell him or her that “dog” rhymes with “blog”.
6. Even during a casual conversation with a friend, you are heavily conscious about being SEO-friendly. You want to make sure to use proper keywords.
7. PR, which used to mean “public relations” to you, now stands for Page Rank. And you are damn obsessed with it.
8. Blog-hopping is your new form of exercise.
9. You develop a habit of dropping your two cents. You find fascination in visiting other people’s blogs and leaving comments on their posts.
10. The dirty dishes are starting to pile up on your kitchen sink. You get too wrapped up in blogging, that you (intentionally?) forget to do housework.

Once you start to exhibit these warning signs, you’ll know that blogging addiction has hit you right smack in the face. You can decide to either fight it, or just…blog about it.

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  1. Reading Homeschooler (Chriss) says

    Lolz! That is so true, I’m currently obsessed with blogging now that I’ve recently returned. Even the minutest detail of what I come across daily, I would blog! Your post made my day, thanks for the laughs! Happy blogging!

  2. gie santos says

    haha peps, so true. i like number 10 the most “The dirty dishes are starting to pile up on your kitchen sink. You get too wrapped up in blogging, that you (intentionally?) forget to do housework.” it happened to me quite a lot of times already. hehehe. and when you can’t sleep at night with too much ideas to write ;) ahh blogging!

  3. totally agree! well, i can still sleep thru the night not thinking about my blogs…only to wake up with thoughts…”er, what should be posting today”, haha

    tnx for the comment at my other site. followed u from here, too.

  4. Okay, I am one addict! lol

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