Top Kid-Friendly Activities at Big Bend National Park

Are you and the family heading out to Big Bend National Park for a weekend, or possibly a few days stay and are wondering what activities are available for the kids? Big Bend National Park is home to a number of different communities and some pretty incredible natural landscape, which offer all kinds of opportunities for adventure and sightseeing. In order to help you plan your trip better, here’s a look at the top kid-friendly activities you can take part in at the park.

The Hiking Trails – Explore by Foot and Discover All Kinds of Hidden Gems

One of the best ways to explore Big Bend National Park is by foot, which means it’s time to put on your hiking shoes. In order to make the most of your time and ensure you don’t get lost along the way, features maps that cover more than 150 miles worth of trails in the park. You can choose from the easy trails or the moderate trails.

The trails start at just 0.5 miles in length, such as the Sam Nail Ranch Trail, which is classed as one of the easiest trails. This one is ideal for those who want to learn about the park’s history, and enjoy bird watching.

Cycling Big Bend’s Landscape

Another fun activity for the family is to bring their bikes along and bike the back roads of the park. These trails are meant to be used with mountain bikes, as the terrain does get bumpy. One great thing about these back roads is that there is very little to no vehicle traffic to worry about.

River Trips – Time to Get Adventurous

If your family tends to be the adventurous type, then the river trips are an absolute must-do. There are five different river canyons located in the park, and each feature rafting, canoeing, or kayaking. There are sections that are meant for beginners, then there are areas that get a bit more challenging.

Visitors are welcome to bring all their own gear, or they can check out the local outfitters and rent equipment instead.

The Terlingua Ghost Town – Give Them an Experience They Won’t Forget

Now if you really want to give the kids a unique experience, then a visit to The Terlingua Ghost Town is in order. This is an actual mining town that used to exist and was thriving at one point. Eventually the mining went bust and all the miners just got up and walked away from the town, leaving their homes behind.

The entire town is still there, sitting empty and falling apart, giving it a real ghost town effect. There are buildings, homes, mine shafts, etc. to explore. Of course, there have been a few modern additions in order to make this a fun tourist destination – which is a restaurant, a saloon, and a small market.

Additional Activities

This is just a small look at the activities you can take part in at Big Bend National Park. There is also horseback riding, the hot springs to enjoy, fabulous scenic car tours, bird watching trails, camping, and more. So, whether you’ve got just a weekend to explore or a full week, each day will prove to be different and full of adventure.

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