Top Ten Targets for Burglars

Whether you own your own home or you are a tenant in a rented property, home insurance will be a necessary and sensible investment. In a day and age when burglary accounts for around 15-percent of all reported crime, house contents insurance is an effective form of damage limitation, should the worst happen. Of course, prevention is as good as the cure in this case, and police officials recommend that individuals make themselves aware of what thieves see as easy targets when it comes to choosing their victims. Being informed will help you ensure your home is well protected from people who just may be casing it.

Small Items

While you may think your 50-inch plasma TV is an attractive target to burglars, it is actually small, easy to hide items that thieves are keen to get their hands on. Therefore, it is important that you keep cash, jewellery, mobile phones and games consoles completely out of sight.


Tools, such as power drills, jigsaws and electronic screwdrivers have long been a firm favourite among house burglars. This is because these items are always in high demand and therefore easy for the thief to sell.

Hiding Places

If your home is covered from view by bushes and trees, or the exterior is badly lit, it is sure to attract a burglar’s interest. This is because thieves can be confident of getting in and out of your home without being seen by other people. Adding simple outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and it works as an excellent burglar deterrent.


Leaving a spare key hidden in gravel or under a flower pot may help you out if you get locked out but it can also help a thief enter your home with no effort required. Many household insurance policies will be void if it turns out that the burglars let themselves in with a badly-hidden spare key. It is therefore, much more sensible to leave a spare key with a neighbour or friend.

Easy Access

When a burglar cases a potential home to enter, one of the main things the individual is looking for is ease of access. The burglar will note if you make mistakes, such as leaving the bottom floor window open when you’re out or leaving a ladder propped up against your property, and will be more than happy to take the opportunity to get inside your home easily.


Most types of electrical equipment are popular with burglars these days, as they are easy to sell and usually keep a good price. Consider adding security marks to items such as your television, music system and computer. It is even possible to purchase built-in security devices for some items, which are designed to render the item unusable if it is stolen.

Discreet Holidays

When you go on a holiday, even if it is just for a short break somewhere close to home, make sure you arrange for a neighbour or friend to come around your house to collect the mail. You should also cancel any newspaper and milk deliveries for the duration of your holiday. Piles of post and newspapers, along with a build-up of milk bottles will instantly make your home a target to a potential burglar.


If you have a license to own a firearm or any other type of dangerous weapon, ensure you keep it in a locked, tamper-proof case or safe. Weapons, especially firearms, are highly sought after on the black market and therefore an attractive target for thieves.


Unfortunately, certain members of society are more attractive targets to burglars than others. If you are an elderly individual living alone or a single female ensure you take the proper precautions to keep yourself and your home safe. It is a sad fact of life that burglars are more likely to target the home of someone they class as vulnerable.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are a dream come true for most burglars, as they offer potential easy access to a person’s home. If you have patio doors, avoid making your home a target by ensuring they stay locked at all times – even when you are at home. Don’t leave the keys in the door either, burglars can easily break the glass pane nearest to the lock, retrieve the keys and let themselves in quickly.


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  1. Robbery has been common lately and taking safety precautions is really better. Good thing I”m staying in the 4th floor unit.

  2. Crimes are very rampant these days. We have to be extra careful and vigilant because even our homes are not safe from these evildoers.

  3. Alarm system is almost a must nowadays. If CCTV is installed, be sure that the camera resolution is high enough to clearly record the faces of people, else it is just a waste of investment.

  4. Wander Woman says

    Robbery is quite common where I live. Thank goodness we’re moving to a place where there are a number of security guards.

  5. Safety is really important. Since I got married and move to our place, we made sure of our safety in our new place. No one really can tell on the danger that’s gonna happen. Being extra careful can be a great help.

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