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With Christmas just around the corner life becomes a great rush, especially for the busy person who needs to juggle work, gift buying, housework, taking care of the kids and all the other kinds of stress the holidays bring. Yet there are ways to save time this Christmas for the conscious individual, here are some top tips to ensure you stay on track.

    1. Hire a nanny to take your children to and from school. The school run is a time consuming activity which involved a chaotic dash through rush hour traffic every morning and evening. But if you hired someone to do it for you then you free up time from each side of the day. Hiring a nanny can give you more time to do other things, and you could even do it only for a month or two to give you time to do some extra Christmas shopping. You can even ask the nanny to take the children to after school activities or to look after them for an additional hour after school.
    2. Sometimes you just do not have enough time to do the housework.  Cleaning the house down is a task few savour, and with Christmas coming the majority of households tend to embark on the great clean. If you find yourself strapped for time why not use the professionals and hire some home cleaners. They can really save you some time and give your house that extra attention to detail before the season truly kicks in.

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      1. Some of these tips involve you paying to free up time, and not everyone has the funds to do so, most people are trying to save money this Christmas instead of spending more. However, there are some ways you can save time without breaking the bank. Why not check your route to work. It sounds stupid, but many people take a longer or more congested route. Finding a quicker route to work can allow to leave that little bit later in the morning and get home faster in the evening.
      2. Prepare a food plan, so there’s no more agonising time spent talking (arguing) about what to eat. This way, you can even prepare some food to save time in the evening. The same applies to breakfast, if you blend fruit you can have a healthy breakfast shake, saving you time and also giving you a nutritious start to the day.
      3. Be ruthless with your weekends/days off. Plan your day off ahead, don’t get bogged down in doing things you really don’t need to do. By managing your time you can reap great rewards, you can ensure the chores which need to be done get done first, giving you the rest of the day to relax. This means tasks aren’t drawn out needlessly.

Time is a precious commodity. We don’t get much of it, so the time we get needs to be spent wisely. It may seem strange categorising your time into a diary or palming your children off on a nanny but your life will truly be better for it. With Christmas coming it can give you that extra me time or a few more hours shopping for gifts.

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