Valentine’s Day Around the World- and What This Day Means to Me

Truth be told, I have always been the proverbial Scrooge of Valentine’s Day. I even remember making it a habit to wear black on this day- mainly just to screw things up for everyone else. But this year, I’m happy to announce that things are going to take a turn for the better. Ever since my baby boy was born three months ago, I have become more optimistic about things- including Valentine’s Day. I now see it as an important day to celebrate love and life.

Anyway, all this outpouring of love has led me to learning about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world:

In Japan, men are king on Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, it’s the women who spoil their men with chocolates on this day. It was a tradition started by Morozoff Ltd., a confectioner based in Kobe, way back in 1936.

In Canada, children exchange gifts with their friends. On Valentine’s Day, kids put all their gifts or personally crafted cards inside a decorated box that their teacher then distributes to everybody in class.

In Malaysia, single women get a chance to literally “put themselves out there”. They write their phone numbers on oranges and then throw them into the nearest river, hoping that Mr. Right picks one up.

I may be single as of the moment, but this does not deter me from celebrating this day of hearts. I think I might actually outdo myself and send my closest friends some flowers (won’t that be a surprise!). I’ll take the convenient route of buying flowers online. I saw this box of Valentines Day flowers with Lindt chocolates from Fresh Flowers– an online flower shop.

Life has changed dramatically for me. I have been blessed with a new baby, and things are going great. Valentine’s Day finally has meaning. Now, it’s time to spread the love.

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