Vintage Vibe: Why I Choose Velvet

It’s a little known fact that there’s a bit of an old-fashioned side to me.  I find inexplicable joy in things from yesteryears.  Simply being around objects from eras past gives me a sense of comfort.
So now that it’s been ages since I last decorated my living room, I see that it’s time I gave it a much-needed makeover.  And what better way to liven it up than by going vintage.
One of the ways to go that route is by getting a velvet sofa.  A velvet Chesterfield is the perfect piece to give off that vintage look and vibe. Velvet has a certain way of reflecting light, scattering it across the room.  Basking in that glow just sends you back in time.
What I especially like about velvet is that it now comes in many colors.  It’s quite refreshing to know that I can pick a velvet sofa in blue, my favorite color.  It’ll be a blast from the past right smack in the middle of my living room- still with a hint of my personality.
It goes without saying that velvet is so comfortable.  I can already imagine myself lounging in that plush, velvet sofa, feeling every inch like a goddess.  I can hardly wait…

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