Ways to monitor your baby’s growth and health through baby monitors and baby scales

Every parent dreams of their kids growing up healthy and happy.  If you are a parent who wants to be sure that your kid or child is thriving, well there are gadgets out there that you can use.  Among these are baby monitors and baby scales.
Baby monitors
Baby monitors are the best gadget to have to monitor your baby’s growth and health during the infancy stage. A baby monitor will help you to know if you kid is crying a lot or if he/she coughs a lot during the night.
These days, you can even include video feeds to your baby monitors. Unlike before, when you could only hear your baby’s voice, today we have baby monitors that can also show a video of how your baby is sleeping. Some babies don’t sleep so well, that they need to have change their sleeping position changed every so often.  In this case, a video monitor comes in real handy.  What’s more, wireless technology now allows you to get the visual feed direct to your cellphone.   Now that’s truly remarkable.
When you go out to buy your own baby monitors, you should make sure that you have tested the following:
1.       Sound quality: sound quality should be your top priority. Make sure that when you are using it, you can hear even the faintest of sounds. This will help give you a visual of what is happening inside your baby’s room even when you are not there.
2.       Its range inside: the second thing you should test is the range inside the house. Make sure that you can get a clear reception wherever you are.
3.       Its range outside: Remember to test the range reception outside your house. Take note of where the range ends. Usually, these gadgets have a range reception of up to 100 meters away from the source.
4.       Ease of use: your comfort is also another factor that you should consider. Is it fairly easy to use? Can you move it around or is it permanently fixed to the wall?
5.       Design: the design of it is also another factor to think about. How an item looks is just as important as how it works.
Baby scales
Every parent knows that if a baby is not gaining weight or growing taller, there must be something wrong. For you to be able to monitor your baby’s health, you must consider getting baby scales. The best baby scale should be able to provide you with both technical information and accurate measurements. Some scales can be used to measure breast milk as well as the weight of the baby. All you have to do is select the best scale that can do everything for you.
Clearly,  both baby monitors and baby scales help you know if your baby is healthy.  If you have these at home, you’ll be more assured that you’ll be able to closely monitor your baby’s health and growth.


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  1. Oh man, we tried the indoor thing with our dog and all it did was make house breaking take sooooo much longer. Have you actually used this with success?

  2. Being a parent ain’t easy and it is easy to become concerned that your child is a little behind others…. Often we do realise that our child is not behind and that everything is actually quite normal. Monitors are one way of firstly being able to check how your baby or child is doing, but they are also a good way of being able to put the parents mind to rest that everything is perfectly ok. As parents sometimes we just need reassurance or confirmation that everything is quite normal, so yes a baby monitor and any other useful device, tool, or information that a parent can get their hands on is always going to be useful in a number of ways.

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