What Can I Do To Make Him Love Me?

In life, we never forget our firsts: first love, first drunken episode at a bar, etc.  One first I’ll never forget was the first time I went to a concert.  It was the Corrs.  While waiting in line at the entrance, their songs just kept playing in my head- over and over again, complete with vibrato.  The song which stood out was What Can I Do.

A decade after, as I sit here in front of the computer, I find myself singing that same Corrs song again- still with vibrato.  Oh, what can I do to make him love me?  What can I do to make him care…

Hard as it is to accept, the thing with love is that you can’t force it.  It just doesn’t work that way.  There isn’t a recipe to make someone love you back.  The most you can do is just be yourself and silently hope that the other person sees what’s lovable about you- maybe that and a novena to all the saints in heaven.

Sure, I have other better things to do like asking around for outdoor lighting installation options for the house, but right now, I’m in a Corrs mood… mulling over unrequited love.

“The power is not mine… I’m just gonna let it fly”…

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  1. Sing it loud… sing it proud!!! :)

  2. Can you sing it while doing the runningman? Heheh

  3. I dedicated that song to my ultimate crush in highschool. He didn’t see me the way I saw him, but we ended up as friends. we’re still friends now and I am thankful how it turned out. i don’t think we’ll hit it off as “lovers” anyway.

    i hope you find yours… soon.

    • Thanks Fedhz. “Friends” is better than nothing, I guess. I’ll take that over “lovers”, if it’ll keep us together.

  4. Just sing it hehehe :)

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