What Not to Gift for Any Occasion

What Not to gift for any Occasion


Shopping for a gift can be a headache and may even reduce the spirit of the perfect holiday. Moreover, thinking of the right gift for a loved one can be a delicate task as the wrong present can lead to offending the receiver. To avoid such mishaps, and not spoil the mood of the holiday, you may want to avoid giving the following gifts.

  • Underwear

Although these can be a great gift for your beloved, presenting these to anyone else may only mortify you as well as the receiver. So, do not create an awkward situation by gifting one of these.

  • Pets

Anyone who looks forward to adopting a pet decides about it in the long run, and not instantaneously, as a pet is a living object that requires feeding, caring, etc. In addition, presenting a pet to someone who is not ready to have one will only annoy him/her. So, avoid it.

  • Clothes

Presenting someone with clothes is not a good idea as most people have their own choice of choosing a clothing and buying something for them from your own choice may not necessarily be a preferable option for the receiver as well. Moreover, there could be issues with a wrong size as well.

  • DVDs

While this may have been a great option to gift in the past, the current technology is more about streaming and downloading media. Therefore, your gifted DVD may not even be of much use to the person. It may only end up in an empty space in his/her room.

  • Money

Gifting money to kids may excite them, but presenting cash to a grown up may not be a good idea as it may look tacky. Instead of money, you can choose a gift card for them as a lovable present.

  • Household items

While regular household items may seem like a good choice for gifting, all may not warmly welcome them. Moreover, presenting someone with such items may make them think that they are not able to take proper care of their house on their own.

  • A gym membership

No matter how good your intentions are while gifting one of these, this could result in a negative implication in the mind of the receiver. Moreover, it may make them feel that you are criticizing their physique and want them to work out and get in shape or something.

  • Expensive gifts

This may seem a little too generous and may make the other person feel miserable if they are not at an equal financial level as you. So, avoid such a gift.

Gifting is an activity that requires one to be extra careful as to not hurt the emotions of the person. A better suggestion would be to gift something that you made on your own with your DIY experience. Such a gift will be more admired by the receiver without a doubt. You can find some tips and tricks on the online platform for coming up with cool ideas to do so.



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