Why Don’t You Give Life On Christmas Day?

People, they say, come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  There’s this one person who came into my life some nine years ago, but left in a somewhat painful way- she died of breast cancer.

This woman was the older sister I never had.  We were coworkers, but she proved to be more than that to me.  Ironically, we were then working in a health research branch of the government.  Everyday we were faced with medical and health journals on the latest advancements in healthcare, but apparently, none of the magic from all the breast cancer cures out there worked to her advantage.

It’s comforting to know that these days, there are more companies working towards the goal of medical and health research development.  One such company is cureLauncher.com.  The people behind this advocacy strive to give each person the cure they need by helping the best medical researchers with funding for their projects.  They gather donations from willing donors, and send these funds directly to doctors and researchers who relentlessly find a cure for each life-threatening condition.

The life we have been given is a gift to be cherished.  What’s even more of a blessing is when we’re able to save other people’s lives in whatever way we can.  What small step have you taken lately in trying to give others the gift of life?

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  1. I really hope that a day would come they could treat cancer just like a common cold but for now, it would be important to do all the precautions on cancer and do regular checkups with doctors.

  2. Hi pepper I tend to donate to a children’s charity at Christmas with my daughter also having to make a small donation too (which she doesnt like doing … Yet). I’m sorry about yr coworker. I have a lot of respect for medical research institutes. They are homes to the smartest people on Earth as far as I’m concerned. x

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. I hope the day will come when cancer finally becomes extinct. And I hope it happens soon.

  4. What a sweet, sweet post. My foster mother died of lung cancer so I know how hard it is to loose someone to this awful, awful thing. I hope one day we will have a cure for it, but until then, I will continue to donate and help out in anyway possible.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Pepper. I do also pray that more and more people would help research institutes to find cure for caner.

    Spanish Pinay

  6. I am sorry to hear such great loss. No matter how long that time, some emptiness remains. I too lost my dearest Grandfather this year and still so hard coping up. The gift of life, I try to be strong for my son and my family. being a mother, they rely so much on you

  7. That’s so sad. Take comfort in the knowledge that she is now in a better place. =(

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