Why Tunics Work at Work

A single mom’s life is riddled with much anxiety.  Since there is a lot of uncertainty about my daughter marrying a wealthy prince in the future, I have to make sure that I provide for all her needs, so she doesn’t have to worry about finances as she grows up.  I constantly devise ways to earn an extra buck here and there, with the fervent desire to eventually put up my own business.  And, one of the businesses I have in mind is a beauty salon.

There’s just something about a beauty salon which attracts its usual denizens.   Be it the casual banter going on between hairdresser and client, or the promise of a stunning manicure, beauty salons never fail to have a steady stream of customers flowing in and out of their premises.

I have also noticed how beauty salon workers look more professional and dignified in their beauty tunics.  If and when I do put up my own beauty salon, I will make my staff wear tunics.   That way, customers can clearly identify a salon worker from a wannabe.   It makes the staff feel competent at what they do, thus compelling them to give customers better service.

What’s good about beauty tunics is they are both functional and fashionable.  They were made to withstand the tough stains they are susceptible to inside the salon.  At the same time, they come in various designs which are a far cry from the drab salon uniforms of centuries past.  They are also more form-fitting now, without constricting freedom to move about.

As I surfed the net for a good enough beauty tunic for women, I was surprised at the treasure trove of cheapbeauty tunics out there.  I never knew there was a wide range of salon tunics and uniforms to choose from.  The beauty tunic cotton industry seems to be in full swing with the huge selection of salon wear.

Salon tunics will definitely be part of my priorities list when I do manage to establish myself in the beauty salon industry. I can dream, can’t I?

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  1. Sounds fun! Now I want a tunic..just for fun :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. go for it!!! open that shop!
    I agree …tunics add a professional air.

  3. Salon din gusto namin business ng mga kapatid ni Mark. Wanna join us? hehe

  4. You picked a good business. Salons never seem to run out of customers. I guess as long as hair and nails grow, there will always be people going in salons :-) And you’re right about the tunics. They give a dignified and professional look. And it’s great to have such a variety to choose from.

  5. Hair will always grow and will need to be cut and styled so yes, great choice for a business! I’ve never seen so many tunic styles before so this is an eye-opener. They do make working at the salon look more professional. :-)

  6. I would feel more comfortable if the place I went to wore tunics. It looks more like an LA runway model meetup.


  7. I completely agree about using the tunics, they make such a difference. It’s always good to raise the standards in the hair and beauty industry.

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