Why Choose a Split Air Conditioning System

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Image by Homeheating via Flickr

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system, there is a lot of useful information on which websites may help you choose the best system for your needs. One of the most popular systems of air conditioning systems is the split system. When you decide upon this type of air conditioner, there are many advantages whether you are using it in the home, or the workplace.


  • Installation is Easy


Installing a split system air conditioner is relatively easy when compared to the alternatives. The indoor unit can be placed anywhere in the room and is somewhat discreet due to their size. The condenser is positioned outside of the building so all of the noise and heat generated will not affect the room in which you are trying to control the temperature. You can usually have the condenser up to 100 feet away from the indoor unit, and there is no need for ducting at all.

  • Easy to Use


Most modern units will come with a remote control, and some units also have a wall mounted thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature of the room with ease. With the click of a few buttons, you can get the perfect temperature for the room and make it comfortable, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

  • Easy Maintenance

A split system is also very easy to maintain, and it is a simple task to give the system a clean now and then. The filters on the indoor unit can be removed and cleaned in no time at all and is a task which should be done every month or so. With the condenser being placed outside, if a service engineer needs to gain access they can do with ease, and will not make a mess of the room when they need to do a service.

  • Cost Effective

With a split system, you can choose which room that you need to adjust the temperature in, which makes these types of systems economical. You can cool or warm just one room instead of your entire home, and you can also program the unit to work at certain times of the day. You can cool your living room during the day, and have your unit come on before you go to bed, making your bedroom nice and cool.

  • Very Quiet

Another advantage of a split system is the amount of noise that they produce. As the condenser is outside where the majority of the work is done, you do not have to hear the compressor as it is working. The indoor unit does make some noise, but when compared to other types of systems, it is very quiet indeed.

  • Attractive Design

The split system is also very unobtrusive unlike other systems, and their sleek design can almost go unnoticed in a room. You do not need to block your window either, which some types of systems do.

So if you are thinking about purchasing a new air conditioning system, then you should seriously consider a split system. With the ability to heat or cool, your home will be comfortable all year around.

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