Liver Love: When and How to Do a Detox

I wasn’t always like this.  Before I turned into this health-conscious, pepperrific mom, I did have my fair share of wild nights and drunken stupors.   Back in the day, I used to make it a habit to go out for a round or two of drinks after a tiring workday.    I remember a time when I even threw up inside a friend’s car after having one too many shots of tequila (yes, I think that marked the end of our friendship!).

Then, I realized that I had to clean up my act.  More than the fear of losing any more friends, what motivated me to sober up was the fact that I wasn’t doing my body any good.  I began showing signs that I wasn’t 100% in tiptop shape.

So, how can you tell that your liver is screaming for a much-needed alcohol detox?  Here are some of the common symptoms:

-          Too much abdominal fat

-          Acne or rosacea

-          Fatigue

-          Mood swings or depression

-          High blood pressure

Good news is, you can still heal your battered liver.  With proper diet and a healthy and active lifestyle, you can bring your liver back to its well-functioning state.  At least try to eat less processed food and eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables.  You can also sign up for a liver detox plan, and in a few days you’ll feel how your body starts to pick itself back up from a degenerative state.

Having a good time doesn’t always have to mean drowning yourself in alcohol as you slip into a state of near unconsciousness.  You can opt to hit the beach or challenge your friends to a game of tennis.

Personally, I know I’m hell bent on taking better care of my liver, and the rest of my body.




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