Shades of Sophistication: 3 Best Rolex Watches from the Colourful Dial Collection

With contemporary fashion following the lead of mix and match culture, experimentation is becoming more and more common. Everyone wants to stand out with their style choices, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to play with colours. This rule can very well be applied to watches as well, and if you thought that luxury watches stick to convention of sophistication and simplicity, then you are in for a surprise.

Rolex watches are well known to amp up their oomph factor by going for brilliant and unusual dial colour choices in some of the watches from their collection. From emerald green to divine purple, you can pick and choose the perfect Rolex watches for men or women which sport a fancy colourful dial. Not only will they add class to your personality but also be great conversation starters and compliment winners. Such exclusively coloured Rolex watches are available only with genuine luxury watch dealers such as Ethos Watch Boutique. So, if you are in the mood to add a coloured dial Rolex watch to your collection, just walk right in at your nearest dealer.

Here, we bring you three sumptuous Rolex timepieces that feature stunning colourful dials. Care to take a pick?

Submariner Date 40



The Rolex Submariner collection is one for the purists who cherish the fine art of precision timekeeping, the design aesthetic of timepieces, and the grandeur of a luxury watch. The distinct luminous hour markers, the clean and industrial design, and the graduated Cerachrom rotatable bezel make the Submariner one of the most iconic Rolex watches. The model featured here is the gorgeous Submariner Date 40 which has its iconic dial in a very eye-catching shade of green. The geometric 18 ct gold markers are luminescent and go well with the dial colour. Overall, the combination of steel with green makes this watch seem like a treasure. The Oystersteel bracelet is corrosion resistant and maintains a distinctive sheen throughout its life. The famed precision of a Rolex in this watch comes from its 3135 perpetual movement, while the unidirectional bezel with engraved 60-minute graduations allow sea divers to perform calculations with supreme ease!

Day Date 36



The first wristwatch to feature a full-window Day and Date display, the Rolex Day Date is an image of perfection. Sticking to the principles of simplicity, this 18 ct gold Day Date 36 model will instantly leave onlookers stunned thanks to its gorgeous cherry dial and Bordeaux leather bracelet. The fluted bezel gives away the impression of guarding the precious dial that boasts of a highly luscious colour. The Day-Date display on this watch is available not just in English but other languages as well – so that gives you an additional option of personalisation. As is standard, this is another high precision Rolex watch with a 3155 movement and a power reserve of 48 hours.

Cosmograph Daytona


Planning to buy Rolex Daytona? Then its Cosmograph edition is what you need to have on your wish-list – especially one that features the bespoke ice blue dial such as the model which is featured here. The brown-rimmed sub-dials and the bezel create a stunning contrast with the ice blue colour, and make it a highly unique watch to own. A standard accessory of professional racing drivers, this Rolex wristwatch with a 950 platinum Oyster bracelet and the high performance start-drive-stop chronograph is the perfect accessory for those who want to come off as suave and urbane. It also features a 4130 high calibre movement and a chestnut brown Cerachrom bezel with graduations that corroborate its painstaking craftsmanship.

These were our picks for you for the ideal coloured dial watches from Rolex. If you need more options, then there are other colours available in various Rolex watch collections, such as chocolate, rose gold, purple, etc. It’s time to add a coloured feature watch that goes by the name of Rolex to your ultimate wristwatch collection!


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