Taking Care Of Those Little Emergencies


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When the pressure is on, and we have to take action, most of us struggle to see clearly. It’s especially difficult when it comes to medical emergencies. And, the struggle just gets harder when it’s the kid’s that need help. Of course, the best way to avoid stress and panic is planning; if you know how to handle a situation, you can focus on it. To help you with your planning, the post will go through the best ways to be prepared.


  • Minor Vs. Major


In the post, major and minor emergencies will be referred to. A major emergency is an emergency with potentially dire consequences. For example, getting hit by a car would be considered major. Whereas a minor emergency is an emergency with consequences, but they’re much less serious. Chipping a tooth, for example.


  • Major Emergencies


For any emergency that you consider major, your very first reaction should be to call an ambulance. Once you’ve done that, you should get your child into a safe position, moving them as little as possible. These emergencies will be the most difficult to deal with. So, planning for them is very important. If you live in a household with multiple adults or older children, you can assign roles to each member. In an emergency, everyone can adopt those roles. This will avoid a mad panic and people trying to do the same task. It will also help you distract younger family members from the situation so that they don’t panic.


  • Minor Emergencies


In a minor emergency, you will have to make some decisions. The people who you call for help will differ depending on the actual emergency. Below, you’ll find some different examples of minor emergencies, and who you should call if they occur.


Sudden vomiting or diarrhea should be taken very seriously, especially in young children. It can be the sign of a minor illness, or something more serious. Usually, it’s the former, thankfully. But, your child should still get some help. Most doctor’s surgeries will open on weekends and throughout nights so that you can have your child see a doctor. If you don’t have this facility, your local hospital is another place to try. Most hospitals will have an A&E section, for emergencies like this.


A chipped tooth can cause enormous amounts of discomfort and pain. And, of course, children’s softer teeth are more liable to get damaged. Unfortunately, most dental practices have difficulty opening hours. This can make it very difficult to find help, even when you really need it. To find local dentists with varied opening hours, you can use sites like http://dentist.24hourly.com.


Most medical professionals will make extra time in emergencies, especially for children. So, if you’re prepared in these situations, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting help. Hopefully, this post will help you to avoid tricky situations, when it comes to your kid’s health. The most important part of planning is research. Use the Internet to help you find the closest and best options, and then save the numbers somewhere that you can find them in a jam.

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