The Best Prom Dress Styles that Mothers & Daughters Approve Of

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Your daughter’s prom will ultimately be one of her most memorable nights of her life. Prom dress shopping can be a fun mother and daughter bonding experience or it can become a stressful nightmare, depending on what you make it. Try some of these suggestions to keep it a fun experience for both of you, complete with bringing home the perfect dress.


  • Look at some prom dress styles ahead of time to get a feel of her favorites. Discuss the budget with your daughter as well so she knows exactly how much you can afford to chip in, and if she’ll have pay for some. Once you’ve narrowed it down to some affordable favorites, bring those with you to the dress boutique.


  • Choose a time to shop when you have plenty of time to browse and for your daughter to try on several types of prom dresses and compare. This is not the kind of shopping excursion that can be done quickly after school. It’s better to devote an entire Saturday and begin your day by eating a well-nourished breakfast so you’ll have energy for the day.


  • Stay somewhat flexible. While it’s important to pay attention to current trends like high-low hemlines or different colors, if your daughter doesn’t like those, then see which styles make her shine.


  • Select a prom dress that flatters her body physique. This extensive prom dress shopping guide suggests which styles look best on which body types. If your daughter was blessed with an hourglass figure, she’ll have lots of choices to show off her curves, included bandage or fitted dresses. If your daughter has more of an apple figure, it’s better to try a dress with an empire waist band, which makes your waist appear smaller or a short dress which skirts her hips nicely and lengthens toned legs.

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  • Compromise on a style that you both like that’s sexy enough and that won’t be too revealing for the prom dress code at school. Check out a reputable dress boutique that sells a wide selection of Sherri Hill prom dresses. In particular, the Sherri Hill prom dress 50086 would look flattering on most body types with its ruched bodice, beaded waistband and cap sleeves, and flowing chiffon skirt. If your daughter wants to show off her curves but still look appropriate, consider the Sherri Hill Bandage Fitted Dress 32293. It is super trendy cause its features a longer illusion skirt and a high illusion neckline and comes in fun colors like fuchsia and red.

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  • Find a dress in color that compliments her complexion. Besides skin undertones, keep in mind your daughter’s hair color and eye color. If your daughter has a warmer complexion, steer her to dresses in orange-reds, yellows, gold, or cream. However, if your daughter possesses a cool complexion, suggest dresses in hues of bright blues, hot pinks, bluish reds, or glittery silvers.


As you begin prom dress shopping with your daughter, remember to be prepared for a myriad of emotions from smiles to tears and take pictures to capture it all, as it’s only the first part in the experience of prom.


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