5 Most Common Work-Related Injuries- And How to Avoid Them


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Injuring yourself at work opens up a whole can of problems. Not only can you spend months recovering from a serious injury but that will also have repercussions when it comes to looking after your family and your home. Therefore it is super important to know the most common workplace accidents, so you know exactly what to avoid and how to prevent them from ever happening to you.


Work-Related Violence


It is shocking to think about, but one of the most common work-related injury is inflicted by angry colleagues. Office work rage and attacks caused by high tension situations and arguments have led to many serious physical attacks at work. Employers should be organising workplace violence employee training and employee diligence in order to keep an eye on any erratic or suspicious behaviour, in order to avoid this from happening in your office


Repetitive Motion Injury


Once you think about it, it makes sense. Most of us spend hours at a time, doing the same motions and actions, over and over again. Six hours a day typing and using a computer can strain muscles and cause serious back problems. Staring at a computer for the majority of your working day can result in vision problem and weakness in sight. Therefore all staff should have proper, ergonomic seating and should be encouraged to take breaks from their computer screen, every 90 minutes.




Factory work, where there is a lot of machinery and heavy equipment, sees a lot of machinery based accidents. These can be particularly grisly accidents and can result in everything from a lost limb to disability cases, so anyone working in a factory environment needs to be extra vigilant. Companies need to protect themselves from expensive personal injury cases and need to look after their staff with protective equipment, proper machinery training and vigilance is extremely important to avoid these kinds of accidents. Factory staff also need a vigilant and detailed charge hand or factory manager to be making sure that all the floor staff are completely competent in handling all the machinery.


Road Accidents


Staff who have to drive for a living are more likely to suffer a car accident than those who just drive recreationally. This is an area of concern for employers and employees alike so all companies should be investing in safe driving training, safe driving policies and setting safe agendas for their employees to ensure they rest regularly when taking on long-distance journeys, or driving for anything over three hours at a time.


Bumps & Knocks


Injuries that are sustained from people walking into things are also one of the most likely work related injuries. These occur when someone accidentally walking in a concrete wall, door, glass window, or anything else that a person can come into contact with. It’s not always easy to stay safe, as we all have sleepy slumps throughout our work days. But the best ways to avoid accidents like these is to stay alert and focused and be aware of your work environment and what is happening around you.



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