Amazing Family Portrait Ideas

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Many families will have their family portrait taken every year, as it is an excellent way to document the growth of the family and see everyone develop. When it comes to having your family portrait taken, it is worth your time to consider having a little fun with the yearly ritual. There is plenty of inspiration online on websites such as Pinterest.

Not Too Cheesy!

It is important that your photos are not too cheesy, and you will want a theme that is tasteful, and also timeless. You can get some inspiration by talking to the professionals offering amazing Brisbane portrait photography at Studio 4 Photography.


  • Reflections

A technique which is not overused is reflections; taking the family portrait while they are next to a still body of water and making the reflection the focus point. With proper lighting, you can create a striking image that is ideal for your family picture.

  • Comedy

With the advent of digital technology, it is easy to have your photo manipulated with a comedy background, such as a prison line-up. If you are looking for this type of portrait, it is also important that you dress appropriately to maximise the effect.

  • Classic

You may wish to go for the classic style where all of the family are sat or stood around nicely with semi-formal clothing. The classic style of portrait photography has been used for a long time, but you can also add a modern twist to it and make it a bit more fun for the family through dressing up in costumes.

  • Scenic

People will often want a countryside background for their pictures, with plenty of nature on view. The use of animals can also make for an excellent portrait, especially when they are cute.

  • Picture Frame

A common theme which is still being used but modernised in many ways is the use of a picture frame. Often the parents will hold the picture frame, framing their children behind the frame. The finished product gives you a picture within a picture and is visually appealing.

  • A Voyeur Shot

Taking a voyeur shot of the family in a natural setting can make for an excellent portrait of the household. Making this type of shot allows the family to be photographed when they are acting naturally, and this will show in the finished pictures.

  • Black and White

As well as all of the different themes that you can use for your family portrait, you can also choose between colour, and black and white. Sometimes when you take a colour photo and render it black and white, it changes the overall appearance and can have a striking effect.

  • A Profile Shot

Instead of taking a picture from the front perspective, you can take it from the side taking the family’s’ profile which can give you an awesome shot of your family.

Whatever style of picture you decide to immortalise your family for prosperity with, listen to your photographer’s suggestions and take advantage of all of their experience. Make sure that you have fun as a family and this will come across in the pictures when they are taken, capturing a memory you can treasure for always.

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