Travel, Set, Go: The Smarter (and Cheaper) Way to Travel

Life has just thrown me another curve ball.  It’s a shock which has totally caught me unawares.  I will divulge in forthcoming posts.  For now, silence will be my weapon.

I would almost like to believe that it’s true what they say- there’s a reason for everything.  Well, reason or no reason, all this dodging of curve balls has made my body and soul weary.  I am in dire need of a break.

If you yourself feel that you deserve a hiatus from the daily grind, then don’t think twice, pack your bags and travel!

Let me make it easier for you, my dear blog follower, by giving you a complimentary VIP membership ($99 Value) to Travel Set Go. Travel Set Go is a world-class discount travel service provider that offers amazing discounts on hotels, cruises, condos, and rental cars world-wide.  Travel Set Go guarantees its hotel rates with taxes included will always be lower than Expedia, Kayak etc. or you will be refunded 110% of the difference.

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So get out there and experience life the way you’re supposed to.  Happy Travels!

“WeChat Stick-It-To-Win-It PROMO: Your Movie Date is Free!”

During the time of our Neanderthal ancestors, whenever they pined away for someone, they’d look to the stars and make a silent wish to see them again.  In this day and age of technological advancement, we no longer have to turn to the heavens to connect with the ones we love.  Thankfully, we have various social media to help us keep in touch with friends and family from all over the world.   WeChat is one app which fulfills that role of linking people to one another.

I stumbled upon this press release from them:

“Popular social network and messaging app WeChat is giving away an early Ber-months treat to its mobile users from September 22 to October 6, 2014 via its new “Stick-It-To-Win-It PROMO!” Simply share your favorite WeChat stickers with friends for your chance to win free  movie tickets!


To join, follow these simple steps:

1)   Download the WeChat app for free at

2)   Send stickers to your friends and loved ones in any Group Chat (at least 3 friends per group, valid within promo period).

3)   Winners will be notified immediately within the WeChat app with an SM Cinema e-coupon code.  Redeem the promo code for movie tickets at any SM Cinema branch nationwide.

WeChat will be giving away 1,500 SM Cinema e-coupon movie tickets worth P200 each. So download the app today and send stickers everyday to increase your chances to win!

*For extra bonus prizes, like the WeChat Facebook page or share and tag us! (Details below)

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Created by Tencent, one of the top 3 largest Internet companies in the world, WeChat is changing the way social-media-savvy Filipinos communicate with their friends and family all over the world.”



About WeChat


WeChat envisions and innovates new ways for people to connect, communicate and share. A mobile social communication app designed for smartphone users, WeChat is the world’s fastest growing social app with 438 million monthly active users. WeChat empowers users in fun dynamic ways by bringing together communications, social and gaming in one seamless, interactive experience, with comprehensive privacy and security settings that can be tailored as needed.

WeChat is available free for download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating system. For more information visit: Like us on Facebook: And check out our official Chatterbox blog:



Keep Calm and Watch Movies

What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?

Art imitates life.  Oscar Wilde would probably pelt me with rotten tomatoes, as I’m not really in a philosophical mood right now, so I’ll just hastily say that this means that art is a depiction of what real life is about.

Movies, I’d like to think, are a form of art.  Movies are not so much about being a form of escape from reality, as they are about imitating life.  Life is about self-expression, and movies- as a form of art- provide an avenue for that.

I’m one who has always been a sucker for this form of art.  And the movie which started it all, which made me fall in love with watching movies, was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  It warms my heart to this very day whenever I think about this sci-fi movie about a lonely boy who befriends an alien stranded on earth.

Image source: here

Since E.T. has served as a springboard for my movie addiction, I knew that I simply must have an app which feeds this “cinematic hunger”, so to speak.  Lo and behold, I stumbled upon GMovies which they say is the “ultimate pocket app for your movie fix”- and for good reason!

GMovies, the first of its kind here in the Philippines, is a free app powered by Globe Telecom which acts as a one-stop shop for movie tickets.  Here, you can view showtimes, book the best seats, and buy movie tickets without breaking a sweat.  Long lines at the cinema ticket counter are now a thing of the past.

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GMovies on my phone

You can fully enjoy the GMovies experience by following their social pages:
GMovies on Facebook
@GMoviesApp on Twitter
@GMovies on Instagram
GMovies on Youtube

Even with an unassuming movie like E.T., art does imitate life.  Although the existence of aliens is still debatable, what E.T. as a movie imitates about life is the poignant friendship the boy had with an alien. If that’s not what life is all about, I don’t know what is.

How about you?  What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?


20 Ways You Can Be the Best Friend Ever

The first time in my life when I felt like a celebrity was when I turned 18.  At my debut party, my closest friends from school surprised me with their a cappella rendition of James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend.  I thought that was really sweet, although I wanted to cringe from all the attention I wasn’t so used to getting.

So, this got me to thinking about how one can be a good friend.  The term BFF has become so popular these days that I wonder if we really know what it means to be somebody’s best friend.

Off the top of my head, here are 20 ways you can be the best friend ever:

  1.  Sing her a song for her birthday.  This could be any song in your vocal chord range.  Even You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story should work.
  2. Cheer her on at her pole dancing recital.   Supporting her just when she needs it speaks volumes.
  3. Tell her she looks fat.  Instead of sugarcoating things, be honest and tell her when her excess fat is bursting at the seams.  Better you tell her than somebody else, right?
  4. Correct her grammar.  A true friend wouldn’t want her friend to be embarrassed when in front of many people.  So while it’s just the two of you, go ahead and tactfully improve her flaws.
  5. Eat together.  There’s nothing like dining with your friend to bring you two closer.
  6. Drink together.  So if she unintentionally gets drunk, you’d be there to drag her puke-infested body home.
  7. Listen to her.   It helps ease the pain when you share the burden just by listening to your friend vent.
  8. Give her space.
  9. Don’t be jealous of her other friends.
  10. Be honest with her.  Never lie to your friend.
  11. Fix her hair.  If you have a knack for hairdressing, have a primping session with your friend.
  12. Be there when you say you will.
  13. Stand up for her.  Show her that you’ve got her back.
  14. Email or Skype regularly.  Bridge the gap from long-distance friendships by constantly communicating with your friend.
  15. Don’t flirt with her boyfriend.  Seriously.
  16. Don’t flirt with her husband.  Even more seriously.
  17. Do little things for her.  Offer to look after your single-mom-friend’s kid while she’s away doing errands.
  18. Laugh with her.  Share the silliest, foot-stomping jokes with her.
  19. Trust her.  Trust her with your darkest secrets.  Trust that she’ll also be there for you when you need her.
  20. A real friend calls.  Coincidentally, Globe Telecom has an ongoing promo which lets you make calls for cheap.  “With GoUnli20, it’s now easy to call without a need for a prefix and it’s just P20 for unli calls, 15mb of mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks! Kaya if you need a friend, don’t call me, I’ll call you!” 

Children’s Book Campaign Reunites Son with Father after Seven Years

Here’s a heartwarming story to bring out the holiday spirit in us all:

StarBoy is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Ventura-based community storyteller Noah Crowe, about growing up missing his father, rites of passage, and belonging.

Free Web ProxyWell on Wednesday, December 4th, Noah’s kickstarter campaign to publish his book yielded an unexpected result:

His father called.

After seven years without any contact, the news of Noah’s book, StarBoy: The Boy Who Traded Clothes with the Stars, reached his father’s ears. When he learned about the book’s subject, his father reached out with a simple and heartwarming request. He wanted to read it.

“It jolted me in a way I wasn’t expecting,” Noah said. “I didn’t expect that the energy in the story about embodying the love of the father inside, would become about reconnecting with my father personally, nor did I know it was even possible.”

Recently, Noah reached out to me and my blog to see if I could share his campaign with anyone that might be interested in helping him out.

The StarBoy campaign ends in 19 days and still needs to raise 84% of its funding for the book to be published. Any donation is greatly appreciated, even just $1 to raise the number of backers and bring the campaign to a wider audience.

The book is to be printed on recycled or even tree-free paper, and for every book sold a tree will be planted, to set a new environmentally conscious standard for children’s media, and stress the importance of how we share our stories.

To make a donation, check out the StarBoy book, or offer Noah any helpful tips, just go to:


Sticky Icky Booger Bugs: A Review

It’s been a while since I last read my daughter a bedtime story.  When she started telling me about her crush at school- and how she’d grin from ear to ear while talking about him- I knew it was the start of the end of innocence for her.  She’s growing up, and making that clear to me.  Stories of princesses and fairies which used to appeal to her no longer struck her as interesting.

One night, I tried to engage her in a children’s book which had a theme which she- or anybody, for that matter- will never outgrow.  After being sent this awe-inspiring book, I knew I simply had to read it with my daughter.

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That book is called Sticky Icky Booger Bugs by Sherry Frith.  It’s a picture book which seeks to explain to kids ages 0-7 what living with cystic fibrosis- a genetic disease which causes mucus to fill the lungs, and other parts of the body, such as the digestive tract- is like.  The entire book revolves around a day in the life of a child with cystic fibrosis.  That child happens to be Kory, the author’s son.

After both her sons were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Sherry Frith came up with the idea of writing a book to help them better understand the condition they were in.  She wrote it in a way that her kids- and other kids in a similar situation- can relate to.

The book illustrates the daily struggles Kory goes through as he deals with cystic fibrosis.  His every puff, cough and sneeze helps control his disease and keeps the hospital at bay.

The author manages to get through to her young readers, because she writes it all as a kid would.  She uses kid terms such as using the “shaker” to get rid of the “booger bugs”.

It’s nice how Kory still lives a normal life, despite his condition.  He still goes to school, plays video games and soccer with his friends just like your average kid around the block.

This book is a gentle reminder for us to be thankful for the blessings we have… the gift of good health and family.  It also inspires us to be strong and rise above adversity- whatever age you are.  Kory is my daughter’s new super hero.




Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Guilty.  That’s what I am.  Yes, I’m guilty of once again daydreaming at work.

For the longest time, I’ve had this job-dissatisfaction bug pester me.  It’s not something I can easily shake off, I’m afraid.

At some point in your career, you just inevitably hit a roadblock, a seemingly dead end.  You can’t move left, right or upwards.

So, what does it take to quit one’s job?  A boss straight out of hell?  Crappy employee benefits?  If only it were that easy to do a Jerry Maguire and walk out of the office with goldfish in hand.

If you do decide to make a cadaver of your present job, make sure you have a backup plan.  They say that it’s important to have at least 3-months’ worth of your salary to help with your expenses during your employment downtime.

Take stock of your skills and talents.  Is there a career which could give you a chance to earn while doing whatever it is you’re good at?  Do an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, and find a job which these fit into.

Take a shot at talking to your boss about your discontent with your job, and maybe he or she can help spice things up a bit for you at work.  He can give you more challenging projects to work on, and you’ll

Then again, maybe all you need is a major paradigm shift.  Try seeing your job in a different light.  You might learn to appreciate it more, instead of heading out the exit door.

Your happiness will play a huge role in your productivity at work.  Be sure to assess everything before making a life-altering decision.  You should at least wear a smile if you want to keep being part of the rat race.

Bali High at the Hyatt

Flossing has become a daily habit for me.  Last night though, flossing proved to be a somewhat challenging stunt, as I had more bits of food stuck between my teeth.  This was because I just came from the Balinese Food Festival at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino.  I was one of the bloggers invited to this gastronomic event which lasts for 10 days starting on Aug. 30, 2013.

Every year, the Hyatt holds an international food festival, and this year’s spotlight is on Balinese cuisine.  Chefs from Bali have been flown in to prepare authentic Balinese food.  I must say, they failed to disappoint even the most discriminating foodie.
bali resized
I immensely enjoyed their Seafood Coconut Soup.  The taste was something new to me, but I loved how the flavor of the shrimp and fish blended with the coconut. Yummy!

This Bread and Butter Pudding was also something I’m glad I didn’t pass up on.  It had just the right amount of buttery-ness that left me wanting more.

My barbecue cravings were satisfied by this Sate with Peanut Sauce.

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Other than Balinese food, there was also a wide selection of Chinese, Italian, and Japanese cuisine to choose from.

There was also a salad bar with various types of dressing to choose from.  I especially found their Yogurt-Citrus dressing refreshing.

The pizza was something unlike anything I’ve tasted in the more popular pizza chains.  It was tasty, it was delectably different.

Dinner will never be complete without ice cream!  Their blueberry and cream cheese flavors are to die for!  The other dessert options were just as delightful.

So goes my Balinese food experience at the Hyatt Hotel.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Go and check it out yourself, and see how I’ve been telling the truth all this time.


For more information, please contact:

Rachel Drew Yam

Administrative Assistant

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila






Top Pregnant Celebrities of 2012 -2013 (Infographic)

Here is an infographic that shows the sudden baby boom happening in global celebrity circles. It is a comprehensive list of all the actresses, singers and models who have announced their pregnancies and new mommy status during the year.

Seeking Divorce Through Litigation

Divorce is an emotionally trying time for anyone who is involved in the process, but especially the spouses. Many people are torn between choosing to make the divorce process as peaceable as possible or taking this opportunity to receive compensation for the dissolution of their marriage. There are many different methods for pursuing divorce, and the kind of San Jose divorce attorney that a person chooses to rely on will change the way divorce is approached. If a person wants to leave the marriage with as much compensation as possible, then there are things they should look for in their attorney. An attorney who specializes in combative divorce will emphasize in divorce litigation rather than divorce mediation.



Divorces that are resolved through litigation are taken before a judge. These cases are argued out in court, with each side represented by a lawyer whose job it is to get each party as much financial compensation as possible from the divorce. The judge will be the final arbiter in who gets what and how much from the formerly joint property. This kind of divorce will, of necessity, be combative, with each lawyer attempting to drag out information that will make one side or the other appear less deserving of compensation. Though divorces through litigation can be comparatively violent, they do have the ability to function as almost emotionally cleansing because of the process. It is because of this cleansing that many people choose divorce through litigation.

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In order to pursue a divorce through litigation it is important to have an attorney who has a strong background in this area of the law. Because divorce litigation can be complicated and aggressive, a person does not want to have an untried lawyer representing them against one who has extensive experience. When choosing a combative divorce it is important to have a San Jose divorce attorney who has enough experience in the field that they will be able to make the process as smooth as possible. The divorce will already be difficult, and with the help of a good attorney it can be both successful and simple.