Charity Fundraising Ideas for the Whole Family

Raising money for valuable causes is something that you can take part in with the whole family. Not only does this help to bring you closer together, you are teaching your kids valuable life lessons about charity, unity and the power of people when they work alongside one another. Not only this, it gives you all a project to focus on, and provides you the opportunity to get creative in coming up with ideas. If you need a helping hand, here are just a few ideas to get you started when it comes to family charity fundraising.


Sell Food and Products

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Selling baked goods or handmade products are both very common ways of raising money for charity. Firstly, you need to decide on a location and a way of getting the word out there that you are going to be hosting this event. Then, you need to decide on what product you want to sell and start your very own family manufacturing line! If you want to do it the old-fashioned way, you could simply set up a table outside your own home with a sign explaining that funds raised are going to charity.


Go on a Journey


Choosing a journey that you can go on as part of the whole family can be a great way to capture the imagination of people. It could be an epic road trip – check out the No Birds Bash website for some inspiration. It could simply be a walk or bike ride between some points that have some sort of significance to you. You could either raise money by speaking to people directly or you could even set up your own website where more people have an opportunity to donate to your cause.


Host an Event in Your Hometown


There is nothing like hosting an event for bringing together the whole community in the spirit of togetherness and charity. For example, you could organise a scavenger hunt that brings kids and adults together as they search for items that you have hidden around a particular area. Charge a registration fee and the winners could receive a small prize at the end. Another idea is that you could host a talent show in a local high school auditorium, inviting anyone with a talent to come and showcase it up on stage. Why not create an obstacle course for kids to take part in? It doesn’t need to be overly expensive as you could use objects like tyres, traffic cones, ropes and slip ‘n’ slides.


Second-Hand Item Sale

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Most people have some stuff lying around the house that they are happy to donate, so you could set up a second-hand sale to raise money. Depending on the age of your kids, they could run certain stalls themselves. You could divide up the items by category (books, clothes etc) and have a separate stall for each.


Raising money for charity is a wonderful thing that you can do with your family. Choose a cause that it close to your heart and get creative!

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