Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Whoever designed our bathroom at home must be a huge fan of contortionism. It is so small, you cannot comfortably move around the area. Taking a bath is a struggle and pampering yourself is impossible. With barely one square meter of space, the bathroom almost reminds me of a torture chamber.

If your bathroom-like mine-poses you with the challenge of making it look and feel bigger, then here are some tips to help you along:

Install a corner sink. This way, the sink is not an obstruction to traffic when coming out of the shower or walking around the toilet bowl.

Believe in the magic of mirrors.  Extend a mirror across the entire length of one wall. This obviously gives the illusion of space. Mirrors also transform a dull bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated room.

Get huge patterns to fool the eye. Use tiles or tile stickers with big patterns such as thick stripes to make the bathroom appear more spacious than it actually is. You can decorate the floor with boldly printed mats. Selection won’t be a problem as there are a lot of bath mat sets available at Harris Scarfe, an online store for household needs.

Maximize available space. Install overhead shelving to store your bathroom doodads and whatnot. A towel rack behind the door also saves you space, and makes towels accessible after taking a bath.

Paint your walls white. It has been proven that white walls make your bathroom appear bigger. White reflects light, so if you use it as main theme of your bathroom, it can help make it look airy and less constraining. In addition, white gives an ambiance of sophistication and class.

Light up the room. Let the light flood the whole bathroom to make it appear bigger. If you can create a window where natural light flows, then better. Avoid using opaque curtains in your bathroom. Sheer curtain and frosted windows might be expensive, but this is a good investment to make your bathroom look wider.

A home is not a home if it lacks a bathroom worth retreating to. Given the right tools and knowledge, a cramped bathroom can still serve its purpose of being a sanctuary for the weary and bowel-irritated soul.

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