Facts about Antique Pocket Watches You Must Know

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If you own or want to start collecting antique pocket watches, this article will discuss some fundamental facts that will give you the bigger picture. It’s a real interesting area and one can go as deep into the subject as they like.


You may be a seasoned watch collector who knows a thing or two or you could be a totally newbie to the world of pocket watches. Either way, it’s still good to get the facts from the experts and collectors so you can understand things from a fundamental level.


If you are a newbie, it’s great to start with a reliable seller who has been operating in the industry for decades. Kalmar Antiques is a prime example and have a stunning collection of antique pocket watches rich in history. If you take a look at their website, you can find some priceless antique pocket watches at Kalmar Antiques.


So, here’s what you need to know:


  1. An antique pocket watch is classified as a watch 100 years or older. Anything from 25 to 100 years is considered to be vintage. It’s useful to know however when navigating the antique scene, that industry professionals and experts will use both terms interchangeably. This is because watches considered to be classic can be both. However, one thing you can be sure of is that when an expert or seller refers to something antique, they are usually referring to pocket watches that have centuries of history behind them.


  1. Check the case, face and cover for initial telltale signs of the condition of a pocket watch. This is really essential to getting a quality piece at the right price. You will be checking for scratches or any areas which shows some wear and tear. Even checking the dial for any discoloration is highly recommended.


  1. Water and heat can be the biggest issue for antique pocket-watches. A humid environment and even the slightest bit of water not immediately cleaned can wreak havoc on the watches design. Such things can really affect the working of the clockwork inside. This seems to be important as scratches can be polished and a missing screw can be easily replaced. However, if the clockwork is damaged from the inside, it can be pricier to repair and decrease the value of the watch. It is also good to note that any dent or missing elements in the pocket watch will decrease the worth of the item.


  1. Brand is important. The brand of the pocket-watch you choose to buy will have a massive influence on value and how well it sells. Big brand names to look out for such as Rolex or Movado will fetch higher prices. You can focus on one brand solely or look into broadening your horizons.


  1. Antique pocket watches normally have markings. These special signature or mark that helps identify the designer or manufacturer will again increase the value of the watch. Look for a symbol that helps ID the item so further research into tracing its history can be done. It may be in a letter, symbol or numbers. A specialist will help you to make sense of the markings.


So if you are after high-quality antique watches, Kalmar Antiques may be the way to go whether you are an experienced collector or just starting fresh. Keeping these facts in mind when dealing with antique pocket watches will help you navigate the scene successfully and make some wise purchase decisions.


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