From Bumps To Breaks, A Parent Has To Be Prepared For Everything


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Accidents happen. It is a part of life, and it is most definitely a part of growing up. This is something you come to learn when you are a parent. Kids have this dangerous mix of fearlessness and ignorance that means accidents are likely to happen.


They tear around the house, running into things, falling over, climbing up stuff and falling off stuff. They’re young and they’re meant to be curious about the world they live in; it is just your job to be on hand to be there when something does.


There are so many scenarios that a parent has to be prepared for, from the “I told you that would happen,” to the completely unexpected. But with these little tips, tricks and bits of advice you can be ready for almost anything.


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Go On A First Aid Course

Bumps, bruises, falls, choking, poisoning, burns, breaks, scrapes; just about everything is possible when it comes to kids. You could be the most protective and on the ball parent around, accidents still happen. That is why it is a great idea to go on a first aid course and get clued up in what you should do in any given circumstance. CPR, paediatric emergency, basic first aid, AED; the more you know the better you are protected. So have a look at what is in your local area and sign up to them. A lot of the time these courses are offered for free too.


Always Have A Doctor At Hand

There used to be a time when we all had family doctor’s who would come out for home visits at a moment’s notice. But this is no longer the case really. Now it is a matter of knowing their number, or the number of the hospital, waiting to get connected, telling them what the problem is and then adhering their advice. Of course, technology has changed the game slightly, meaning that there are services like Babylon available; an online doctor at the other end of an app. You have a qualified doctor in your pocket. There’s no waiting either. Bish, bash, bosh; your kid has emergency advice immediately.


The Up-To-Date First Aid Kit

When you have a kid, your new best friend becomes your first aid kit, which is why you need to make sure it is jam-packed full of all the essentials. Bandages, plasters, burn creams and antiseptic stuff. They are the general bits and bobs you need to have on hand. Of course, it could be that your child needs to have some more specialist bits of equipment, in which case there should be absolutely no hesitation. If they may need an external defibrillator then get one. If it is an EpiPen that could save their life then have one and have it somewhere easily accessible. The same goes for asthma kits. Whatever you need, have it on hand. Trust us.


Get Your Family Insured

Having health insurance can protect you and your kid in more than one way. The immediate benefit is the ease in which you can get the help and assistance you need because you’ll be covered. There will be no waiting around, just the treatment necessary. The second major means of protection is the financial point of view. Paying out for a health complication, even if it is just a consultation, is not cheap. So make your life easier by insuring your family from the outset.

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