How to Protect Yourself During COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has upended the lives of people all around the world. While it may be difficult and inconvenient to follow some of the recommended guidelines for reducing the spread of the virus, it is imperative that everyone comes together and acts in service of the greater good. Take the following measures to protect yourself and others.

Wear a Mask

Whenever you are in a public space and plan to encounter people who are not in your household, wear a cloth or disposable face covering that covers both your nose and mouth. Masks reduce the emission of droplets from wearers’ noses and mouths into the air, greatly reducing the chances of spreading viral particles. For extra protection, face shields may be worn in addition to masks.

Socialize Outdoors

COVID-19 spreads when people come into contact with each other, but social isolation presents its own health risks. It is a good idea to see friends and family outdoors, since indoor spaces may not allow for safe social distancing or be sufficiently well-ventilated. Consider going for a walk at a local park or sitting on your porch or deck.

Wash Your Hands

Keeping your hands clean is one of your best lines of defense against COVID-19 along with the flu and other illnesses. After returning from an outing, before eating and after using the restroom, scrub your hands with soap and warm water for at least twenty seconds. Singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice is a helpful way to ensure that twenty seconds have passed.

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented within living memory, and so it presents a unique set of challenges. Limiting your consumption of news coverage along with focusing on healthy eating and exercise may help you to keep your spirits up. Remember that the current situation is temporary, and better times will eventually come.

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