How to Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees.  That’s one fact which even most adults find hard to grasp.  Left and right, you’ll find people haphazardly spending their money as if they’ve just won the lottery.  They buy gadgets like there’s no tomorrow, and drown themselves in tall lattes from the nearest posh coffee shop.  If we were more cautious about our expenses the way we pay careful attention to the flyaways on our hair, then maybe we wouldn’t be so swamped in financial problems.

Before our kids grow up and get sucked in by all the consumerism, it’s good to start them early with good spending habits.   Here are some ways to teach them the value of money:

Grocery Game.  Before you head out for the supermarket with the kids, give them each a list of things to buy, and a calculator.  Ask them to find the lowest possible price for the items on the list, and the one who ends up with the cheapest total, wins.

It’s expensive.  When your kid asks you to buy him that cute Furby toy, tell him you won’t buy it because it’s expensive.  Give him a reasonable figure range for a particular toy, say $10-$20, and explain than anything beyond that is considered expensive.  Don’t say, “We can’t afford it“, because that tells your kid that if you could afford it, you would buy it.  You should make it clear to him that the reason you won’t buy it is because of its unreasonably high price, and not because you don’t have the money for it.  Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you should spend it.  It’s teaching him to make smart choices when it comes to buying stuff.

Piggy Power.  It’s time to bring out that dusty piggy bank and teach your kids to save.  Show them how dropping a dime into the coin bank each day goes a long way.  You can ask them what they want for Christmas, for instance, and encourage them to drop some money in the bank to save up for it.

It’s never too early to make your kids realize the significance of money.  More than learning about fractions and subject-verb agreement, it’s essential that they also learn how money has to be earned and saved.   The money lessons they learn now will serve them well into their adult years- and hopefully keep them from being buried in debt!

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  2. I bought the Little One a piggy bank a few months back. Whenever I have some extra coins and when she find some loose change around the house, she places it inside. At this stage she doesn’t really understand pa the concept of money. So I think it’s best to start her the habit of saving before she understands the spending part. Hehehe! =)

  3. I am teaching my son reducing expenses makes goals come faster.It’s common sense, and kids are smart enough to figure it out: if I want to get to a goal faster, I have to save more … which means spending less on other stuff.

  4. Great blog.I have never seen this type of blog in website.

  5. Emily @ The Boom Works says

    I think, now that I’m 40ish that I will suddenly have a kind of revelation about money – that there will be some sort of lightning bolt that shoots down from the sky and teaches me the delights of savings and such. I wasn’t taught anything about saving when I was growing up – i was taught that if it was in my pocket that it was fair game. I’m thankful to folks like you who are talking about saving money and emphasizing to the kids that it’s actually something useful to do. Great suggestions!

  6. These are all good tips. I do well w/my youngest son & my daughter. I could have used pointers like these w/my older two years ago!! :)

    It really is important to teach them the value of money. Managing their money well is a skill they are going to need their whole lives.

  7. My son was able to learn the value of money at a very age. You’d be surprised to see a four-year-old looking at the price tags of toys. Haha! :)

  8. I will definitely apply this when I have kids na. Super ganda ng tips.

  9. Some great tips, thank you! Was only having the discussion yesterday about how to teach kids the value of money x

  10. Prashant Patil says

    Good article , i will teach my kids the value of money .

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