Oh, The Uncommon Things I Find on the Internet!

I have never been a fan of driving through hellish traffic on the way to the mall, finding a parking space, and then standing in line at the checkout counter behind a burly man who reeks of cigarette smoke.  Thankfully, there’s online shopping to save the day and spare me from unwelcome odors.

In my relentless quest to look for online shops that are worth my while, I found another gem on the World Wide Web:  It’s called UncommonGoods.

True to its name, it’s an online store with stuff you won’t normally find in your regular mall store. It offers a wide array of unusual products that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating shopper. Take, for instance, this totally awesome BottleLoft. I have never seen anything like it before.

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Image source: http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/bottleloft

They’re magnetic strips which hold beverage bottles from the ceiling of the fridge. Even if my beer-drinking days are over, I’d like to give this as a gift to my best male friend. There are more gift ideas for men here.

I’m a sucker for personalised stuff, so when I saw this chopping board on this page on their website, I felt like a kid let loose inside a chocolate factory.

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Image source: http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/personalized-cutting-board

What I especially like about UncommonGoods is their mission which is focused on sustainability.  They prioritize using recycled products, and aim to highlight the creativity of their suppliers to their customers.  As a company, they treat their employees with equal respect.  That speaks volumes for me.

So if you’re also on the hunt for unusual gift items and whatnot, head on over to UncommonGoods.  It’s going to be worth your time- and money.

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