Organizing a Perfect Outdoor Party for Your Kids’ Birthday

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Parents have an inherent weak spot for their kids, and if it was up to them, they would celebrate each milestone in children’s life – from the first teeth and the first words to college diplomas and weddings of their own. Since that would pretty much drain every budget no matter how huge it is, it’s best to stick to the good old birthday parties and make them perfect. Throwing a kids’ birthday party inside your home is not a very good idea, especially if they’re small and love to run around and break things. An outdoor party, on the other hand, would thrill the little ones and make your job much easier. Here’s how to throw an awesome celebration without breaking a sweat or the piggybank.

Turn the Backyard into a Playground

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Kids won’t just sit, listen to music and discus the weather, if you know what we mean. They will want to play together, which will make your job easier, since you won’t have to constantly entertain them. First, make sure that the backyard is safe (no items they can use to hurt themselves, no small pieces which the younger kids could swallow, etc.). Some cool projects you could make are a sandbox (you can use simple items like wreath container or painted tire), chalkboard walls, tents, a tire swing, water balloons, a movie area, etc.

Go Festive with Décor

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Colors, colors, colors, and yes, did we mention colors? Sure, you can go with one theme, like an animated movie or a fairytale, but if you opt for freestyle, you have some interesting ways to decorate on a shoestring budget. Balloons are the most affordable way to make a splash, but you can make them more interesting by attaching them to a wall in the shape of the child’s name or age.

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Make a happy birthday banner using letters from newspapers and books, hang paper flowers or floral pompoms above the table, use metallic paper to make streamers of shimmering circles, and use colorful ribbons for everything from lanterns to garlands. All of these are perfect projects for the kids to pitch in too, so family bonding is an extra perk.

Delicious Bites and Treats

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All that running is bound to make the kids hungry, so having some snacks within their reach is a must. As with anything else on kids’ birthday parties, safety comes first, so make sure the food is kept in a cool place. Summer outdoor parties can be especially dangerous for snacks containing dairy, eggs and meat, so you should consider cool room rental, especially if the party is too big for your fridge. Some of the kids’ favorite snacks are in fact the simplest to make, so you won’t have problems here. Treat them with mini hot-dogs, ice creams, tortilla sandwiches, mini pizzas, brownies, macaroni and cheese, and tacos. Don’t forget the cake, though.

It’s All Fun and Games

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Kids’ birthday party entertainers are more expensive each year, and most of them don’t even succeed in making the kids laugh. So, why not make up your own entertaining solutions? First, you will need some music. Whatever you do, make it cheerful, kids don’t enjoy listening to Bryan Adams. Find some animated movies soundtracks and play them on a loop. Second, you’ll need some creative outdoor games, for when the kids run out of ideas. Ask the kids to participate in the decision-making process. After all, they know the best what will be fun for them and their peers. Pitch in some fun ideas like sack race, Frisbee toss, wooden block stacking, pool prize search, scavenger hunt, water-gun war, cone run, etc.

Depending on the kids’ age, they can participate in each step of the party organization. Not only you will have extra helping hands, but also you will get to spend some time with your little ones, which is the most precious gift of them all.

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