When Good Looks Sell: How to Maintain an Attractive Commercial Space

fMaintaining an attractive commercial space should be a top priority for any business. As with home renovations, commercial design features eventually fall out of fashion or into disrepair. Yet, many business owners delay the remodeling process out of fear that the project will be too costly or disruptive. If your business needs a facelift, follow these four tips to help ensure a smooth renovation process.

1. Prioritize.

One of the most important steps you can take as a business owner is to identify which repairs and renovations are truly top priorities. Anything that is not working properly or poses a health risk should obviously move to the head of the line. However, you should also cast a critical eye on your business space to determine which improvements will give you the most bang for your buck. If your business has a greeting area, for instance, it may be worth your time and money to invest in an eye-pleasing area that makes a good first impression on customers.

2. Budget carefully.

Renovations can bring significant price tags, and commercial renovations in particular can create complex financial consequences. When you budget for physical repairs, make sure that you take into account the costs of any necessary permits and licenses. If you lease your space, you should also ensure that renovations are permitted under your lease terms. Finally, consider whether you will be able to stay open during renovations. Any lost income should be included in your budget for the project.

3. Hire a good team.

A good contractor will be able to help you estimate many of your expenses and can work with you on the overall budget. The key here is to find commercial contractors like Renovation Experts who have experience in commercial redesign and remodeling. You may have loved the contractor who remodeled your home, but commercial renovations have unique needs and entail unique challenges. It is important to work with a team that understands the exigencies of remodeling a commercial space.

4. Create a detailed timeline.

In collaboration with your contractor, you should develop a timeline for project completion. Whether or not you close your space during the remodel, the goal is to minimize disruption to your business. If you are particularly concerned about deadlines, consider offering your contractor an incentive for early completion.

While renovation can be an overwhelming prospect, the rewards at the end of the process generally outweigh any challenges along the way. By following these four steps, you can help ensure a successful commercial renovation.

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